Startup Venture Trends For 2021

Webinar for Founders, Executives, Lawyers, and Investors Startup Venture Trends for 2021

Legal team led by Louis Lehot and Natasha Allen

Palo Alto, California Feb 3, 2021 (  – On January 28, 2021, leading Silicon Valley lawyer Louis Lehot, Venture Capital investor Danielle D’Agostaro, and a startup expert who teaches entrepreneurship at Stanford Bret Waters came together for a webinar, “What are the 2021 trends for startups and venture capital?”

We’re at a unique inflection point as we move into a post-pandemic world, a new US administration, and more diverse capital sources than ever before. Specific sectors are poised for tremendous opportunity. This webinar was a free-wheeling discussion of 2021 trends and what they mean for entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors. You can find a recording of the call here: Startup Venture Trends for 2021

Please feel free to connect the participants on LinkedIn, and most importantly, let us know what you see as exciting trends going on! We’re excited about the year ahead and all the opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators around the world.

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