L2 Counsel’s Favorite Articles of 2020

L2 Counsel’s Favorite Articles of 2020

An elite boutique law firm based in Silicon Valley is pleased to announce the availability of their e-book. Throughout 2020 L2Counsel published articles on important topics their clients need. This e-book, L2 Counsel’s Favorite Articles of 2020 is a compilation of our very best.

This e-book contains a series of articles on today’s trending topic including:

Navigating Law & Ethics to Regenerate Health and cure Disease: As society adjusts to a new world of social distance and remote everything, rapid advancements in the digital, physical, and biological spheres are accelerating fundamental changes to the way we live, work, and relate to one another. What Klaus Schwab prophesized in his 2015 book, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, is playing out before our very eyes.

Digital Wallet Usage Soars in a Post-Pandemic World: In the wake of the global pandemic, alternative payment methods have been required to transact business at nearly all levels of the economy. The market for alternative payments was already going through a natural transition before social distancing and lockdown dramatically accelerated growth in the digital sphere.

Blockchain Legal & Market Trends: How are venture capital and other asset classes deploying funds to blockchain based business models? What are the latest theses from investors as to why to invest in blockchain? How have blockchain based businesses been affected by the global pandemic and economic crisis that ensued? How are they positioned to recover?

Why Companies Are Rushing to Go Public via the SPAC in a Pandemic: In recent years, the world has seen a gold rush of private companies rushing to go-public via a reverse merger with a special purpose acquisition corporation, or “SPAC.” This article will attempt to answer why. We will also clarify what it means for entrepreneurs, what it costs, why it matters, and who will be disrupted. Finally, we will look for some market indicators to watch out for.

5G Brings the Fourth Generation Industrial Revolution: Here’s What It Means for Legal Systems: The Fourth Industrial Revolution will fuse advanced technologies with high-speed wireless connectivity to blur the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres. The ensuing impact on our systems will transform how we produce, manage and govern our world and ourselves.

A copy of our ebook ‘L2Counsel’s favorite articles of 2020’ can be downloaded from the link here:

Louis Lehot is the founder of L2 Counsel Mr. Lehot is a corporate, securities and M&A lawyer, and he helps his clients, whether they be public, going-public or private companies, financial sponsors, venture capitalists, investors and investment banks, helping grow and monetize emerging growth businesses. He is formerly the co-managing partner of DLA Piper’s Silicon Valley office and co-chair of its leading venture capital and emerging growth company team.

L2 Counsel, P.C. is an elite boutique law firm based in Silicon Valley designed to serve entrepreneurs, innovative companies and investors with sound legal strategies and solutions.

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