Jay Chong,


In my capacity as a technology business leader and investor, I have known and worked with Louis Lehot for over ten years. Louis is a trusted business advisor and friend. I have trusted Louis to help me structure, invest, monitor, harvest and acquire technology businesses as outside legal counsel. Louis forms strong working relationships with my teams and works well with target businesses and their counsel. Louis inspires trust, and then he delivers. He gets the business imperative and then makes the legal process follow it. Over the past ten plus years working together, I have witnessed Louis’s strength in building great legal teams to drive results for technology businesses and their investors, and across multiple disciplines. Louis shines on projects that cross borders. Our relationship has withstood the test of time and changes of companies, and I attest to Louis’s ethical, high integrity and exacting standards both as a lawyer and as a friend. I look forward to working with Louis and his team on future transactions.

Hee Suk Jung,

Head of Investment

I had a chance to work with him on several occasions and it was the greatest experience I’ve ever had with a lawyer. Louis is very professional and organized at his work with deep knowledge yet he is very friendly and personal. He was upfront with all the terms and made things very easy for the clients where our team was speaking highly of his quality of work. Our team also appreciated his availability at all times where he was reachable via email, phone or in person. I don’t think he ever passed 24 hours to respond to our queries or requests. He always had answers to our questions and his global experience definitely helped alot to consider from different aspects. Most of all, Louis is a great person. He cares for clients’ business like his own and he could be very practical and caring. We were intrigued by his leadership and integrity not to mention his moral character. I have nothing but appreciation towards working with Louis and look forward to working with him and his team again.

Yena Kim,


Louis is, by far, the best partner I’ve ever worked for in my paralegal career. He is detail-oriented, sharp, willing to teach, and shows respect to everyone he works with. I enjoyed working with him tremendously and learned an incredible amount while I was a part of his team. He also has a diverse group of clients, so I was able to partake in a wide range of work, including incorporating startups, assisting with equity financings and M&A transactions, preparing SEC filings for public companies, and so on.

But the best aspect of Louis, I’d argue, is the amount of effort and care he puts into developing a real relationship with the people he works with. When you work with Louis, you become a part of his family. He will demand a lot from you, but he also truly cares for you and will take care of you. I’ve been very grateful to have him in my life, and he’s a great person and a great partner to work for.

Louis has been my first call since we first worked together in 2005. That was 4 companies ago for me, but no matter where I go, one of the first things I do is get Louis involved as counsel. I do this for two principal reasons 1) it makes me look good to the company I just joined, because invariably they’ve been impressed with Louis and 2) I trust him to give me a broader perspective on the challenges that come up. In short, I call Louis because he delivers. He doesn’t pretend that he’s always got the right answer.But, what he does do is harness the smartest resources at his firm to consider the problem and collectively come up with a smarter approach.More than anything else, I value Louis’ counsel because he invests that time to get the right answer – it shows me that getting the best answer matters to him as much as it does to me.

Nicole Hatcher,

Deputy General Counsel NEA

I started working with Louis in early 2013 and he has been a trusted colleague and mentor ever since. Over the years working with Louis, I have learned how to problem-solve, negotiate and listen to clients with empathy. Louis is extremely dedicated to his clients and has a passion for helping businesses, ranging from startups to global conglomerates, I have not seen in other partners. His 24/7 availability and natural ability to immediately drill down and execute on goals makes him the go-to advisor to many companies, investors, and colleagues.

Dong-Su Kim,


I have worked with many lawyers and I can confidently say that Louis is one of the best. He has a deep level of understanding in both legal and business matters, making it easy for his clients to achieve the desired outcome. He is always responsive to both email and phone call, quickly understands your needs, drives hard negotiations, and navigates with ease the nuances of business cultures of various geographical regions. I worked with Louis through three different law firms and he was always able to assemble a top-notch team who is extremely competent and delivers high quality work.

I have known Louis personally and professionally for close to 30 years. He is highly-skilled, hard-working, business savvy and trustworthy. Louis and I worked together in Paris. He is bilingual, multi-cultural and passionate about his work. Louis leads with his heart and is a kind and generous person.

Michael Golomb,

Founder & Entrepreneur

In my tenure as CFO and Corporate Officer at Dasan Zhone Solutions, a NASDAQ public company, we relied on Louis and his team for global legal support, including a complex acquisition in Europe from a private equity seller, our public reporting with the SEC, a change in auditors, a shelf registration statement and takedown shelf offering. Louis is one of the best corporate lawyer I ever worked with, bringing a combination of deep experience, sophisticated expertise and balanced demeanor to every challenge. I highly recommend Louis as both a relationship partner and as a zealously effective lead corporate counsel for global public companies, particularly in the TMT space.

Yanira Gonzalez Wong,

Corporate Securities Attorney

Louis is focused on client service and obtaining the most efficient outcomes for his clients. He provides practical and thoughtful advice on complex corporate, securities law and M&A matters. I highly recommend his services.

Louis was a great advocate and advisor for StackStorm as we started fielding acquisition offers and then entered into definitive negotiations. He quickly established a high trust connection with me and my co-founder Dmitri Zimine and was incisive during negotiations. He helped us to navigate to a great outcome and I’d like to work with him again in the future.

Shai Stern,

Co-Chairman & CEO

Louis is a great attorney who has an exceptional focus on detail, quality , creativity and practical business sense.

Vitaly Golomb,

Tech Investment Banker

Louis is one of the hardest working and most genuine people I’ve ever had the pleasure to rely on in business and call a friend. He is a very experienced and deeply connected Silicon Valley corporate attorney who goes out of his way to make things happen for his clients.

Louis is an incredibly talented and detail-oriented lawyer who will always go the extra mile to meet a client’s needs. Louis never loses perspective about what’s important and does not waste anyone’s time arguing about minutiae. He’s also a pleasure to work with and is a true professional in every sense of the word.

Sale Kwon,


While working with Louis, I was always impressed by his client-first approach based on high quality work, responsiveness and passion. Clients appreciate his resourcefulness and practical approach. He never stopped investing his time in his network and utilized his reach to help his clients and colleagues alike.

Robert Berger,

Managing Director

I had the pleasure of working with Louis several times while he was at Simpson Thatcher. He has tremendous domain expertise in the equity and equity linked capital markets, paired with a sharp business mind. I found him very easy to work with, always proactive and, most of all, very personable. I would not hesitate to recommend Louis for counsel in equity capital markets transactions (including SPACs), particularly for technology companies. I look forward to working with him again.

Jay Zoellner,

Chief Executive Officer

Our company retained Mr. Lehot to advise us on the S-1 registration process. He provided very insightful, expert knowledge that we found to be exceedingly useful. Super service and responsiveness.

Brian McAllister,

Legal & Operations Executive

Louis provides sound, seasoned and practical legal advice. He brings a great level of intensity to his work, but doesn’t lose sight of the practical business needs of the client, and is always responsive, and looks after the relationship with the goal of providing real value. In addition to his exceptional work and service, he is a true pleasure to work with.

Victor Garcia,

Chief Executive Officer

Louis Lehot is a very experienced lawyer in various areas of law including international law, M&A, corporate governance and corporate finance. I have found his work to be high quality and that he has strong business judgment that exhibits his years of experience across various types of transactions and industries. I have found him to be available 24/7 and extremely responsive. He diligently follows up on discussions and reaches out for necessary expertise when appropriate. He listens as well as he advises to make sure that he is serving the client’s needs.

Louis has proven to be a tremendous asset to Seagate with respect to his review and subsequent commentary of our SEC statements in the past couple of years.

I enjoyed working with Louis on a major transaction and other matters. High quality work, extraordinarily hard working, responsive and very personable. I look forward to working with Louis again in the future.

Yishai Fransis,

Managing Director

We have worked with Louis on a public offering of one of our clients. Louis provided us with great support throughout the process. He possesses broad and deep knowledge, is very detailed oriented and trustworthy and was instrumental throughout the deal execution. Additionally, Louis is a great guy to work with on both personal & professional levels.

George Miller,

Senior Vice President

Excellent support on various securities law matters. Louis was primary support to Novartis on its initial NYSE listing documentation and annual reports for several years thereafter. First rate service, always on time, great focus on that which was truly important and kept the hours worked to only that which was required to do the job. I was especially impressed with his cultural awareness – he was instrumental in helping this very Swiss company understand the reasons why certain disclosures were necessary.

Hicham Jorio,

Board Director at Medx

Louis is a result-oriented attorney and an excellent communicator. He brings experience to the table as well as willingness to always jump in on transactions even on very short notice. I have been working with Louis for almost four years on several matters and I am very pleased to have had such opportunity.

Chris Groves,

CEO & President

I have worked with Louis over the years in my capacity of a CEO of a high growth venture backed technology company. Louis brings a lot to the table with a high level of expertise , very high quality of work, and is highly responsive . He always demonstrates great teamwork, and delivers high value both commercially and practically. As a globally dispersed company it has been reassuring to tap into Louis’ extensive knowledge and network. And I have found him to be a great advisor with a strong sense of humor and moral compass . Feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIn if you’d like further insight.

Louis is my first call when I need any legal opinion in the Silicon Valley. I have worked with a number of law firms and attorneys in the Valley, no one come close to his knowledge and practice of a variety of corporate legal matters in VC-backed private companies. Not only he is knowledgeable, details oriented, spot on on his predictions of how each scenario will play out, he is also great with people, from founders to legal teams, and generous in offering his time and help. I am privileged to know and work with him.

Louis is a fantastic outside counsel, especially for first-time start up founders like I was when we first met. He gives great advice on a wide variety of topics including corporate formation, fundraising, structuring deals, negotiating comp and much, much more. More than just a lawyer, he became a trusted counselor in the true sense of the word. And he’s always given it to me straight, even when it wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but been in my corner no matter what through all the highs and lows. I’d recommend him to any founder or early stage company.

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